Adding Workshop: Crash Course in Cartooning

We are excited to announce that Jeremy Kayes will be hosting a workshop on Saturday, from 1-2pm.  Jeremy is both a web developer and a cartoonist, and has taught cartooning to designers and developers as a tool for story boarding their projects.  Come to the workshop and learn how cartooning can improve your life!

Workshop:  Cartooning Crash Course, 1pm-2pm.  Hosted by Jeremy Kayes.  A little bit of drawing skill can go a long way, no matter what you’re working on. If you can’t draw or can only draw stick figures, this workshop will ramp up your skill and confidence for getting your ideas down on paper.


Jeremy Kayes is the author of the graphic novel ‘The Indies’ and host of the comic artist club ‘Sicaga.’ He makes a living developing software and teaching engineers and researchers at UW how to use comics to illustrate their research.​ Learn more at  Registration is not required.


Meeting for the Luminous Garden collaboration

We had our second meeting bringing together collaborators for the luminous garden, and got a good peek into in progress projects!   It’s going to be a whole lot of sensing plants and responsive sound!


Circular LED panel, used by Bryan Ressler in his Sunflower of Symmetry project


Arduino microcontroller, used in a few projects.


Meeting of the minds!


The sound landscape crew, with a microcontroller driving synthesized sound.


Discussing the advantages of Raspberry Pi vs. the Intel Edison


Participating Projects in the Works!

We are very excited to show off a list of projects already in the works, many of  them recipients of our Luminous Garden microgrant program!  If you are interested in collaborating on any of the projects below, please sign up for the discussion on our Facebook group or reach out to any of the artists below.  If you have your own project you want listed here, please contact shelly <at> totallylegitllc <dot> com.

Project About the Artists/Technologists
Sunflower of Symmetry with Bryan Ressler
Sunflower of Symmetry will be a single large sunflower wherein the middle (seed) area of the sunflower is comprised of a 1-foot circular disc of surface-mounted LEDs behind a diffuser, surrounded by handmade LDPE flower petals. The flower will be held up by a stalk from a weighted base. A hidden computer will project symmetric animations onto the sunflower that respond (either by sound or proximity) to the presence of a viewer.
About Bryan:  I am an electronic artist and musician. I concentrate on art pieces that make use of computer-controlled LEDs to challenge viewer’s concepts of light, shadow, motion, and the viewer’s integral, interactive role in the artistic process.   Learn more at ttp://
Collaborate! I could use some help sourcing parts for the diffuser material, the stalk that holds up the flower, and a weighted base.  You can get in touch with Bryan at bressler <at> pallium <dot> com.
Lighter than Air with Briar Bates
A night time swing that emits layers of colored light.
About Briar:  Most of my art uses nature in its composition. It is an exciting challenge to work technology in to my pieces.   Learn more at
Collaborate!  Seeking someone who might want to get teckie on me. help me think of something I haven’t come up with because I didn’t know such things were possible.  You can get in touch with Briar at BriarBates <at> gmail <dot> com.
Interactive Beanstalk Joel Walters
Imagine tree bongo drums around a green cylindrical fabric “beanstalk” that grows when the drums are struck rapidly, and shrinks over the period of several seconds when interaction ceases.
About Joel:  Joel works on websites by day, but also has a strong passion for tinkering with electronics. Give him some tools, a weekend, and a project, and he will run with it to the finish line.  Learn more at
Collaborate!  Seeking people with lighting experience, or working with outdoor fabrics.   You can get in touch with Joel jtwalters <at> gmail <dot> com
Bee Wilkerson Solar Sunflower
A 500 watt solar generator in the form of a flower with actuated petals.
About Bee: More Engineer than artist. More geek than girl. I love the future! Learn more at
Collaborate! We’ll take everyone and find some way to make use of you! We could really use people with the following skills: welding, rigging, mechanical engineering, Arduino programming – light and display mode and pixel LED animation, wood or metal working skills to build utility / battery & electronics housing. Contact Bee at bee.wilkerson <at> ymail <dot> com
Thunderhead Nicole Kistler and Catherine Grisez
Thunderhead is an artificial cloud made of recycled plastic bottles that hangs overhead, a thunder and lighting-like episode is created within the cloud using led lights and tiny speakers.
About Nicole and Catherine: Nicole is a public artist and storyteller who works in a wide-variety of media from lighting to cast iron. Catherine is a fine metals artist and jeweler who sometimes gets a wild hair and builds a community-driven public art piece. Learn more at,
Collaborate! Seeking someone that could help us sequence the led lights, and put the speakers on a timer would be great. Contact Nicole at nk <at> nicolekistler <dot> com
Anemone Tentacle David Hull
A Sea Anemone is a fascinating and beautiful creature. The way they frequent tidal pools, beaches and docks makes them seem more like a plant than an animal, but they create delight and surprise when they shy away from the curious touch of a human observer. This interactive kinetic sculpture emulates the arms of sea Anemone, with large sculptural “tentacles” that react to the proximity of a viewer by curling/contracting and changing color. This project will be constructed of thin flexible steel armatures, a translucent “skin” material, motors, LED lights, and electronic sensors.
About Dave:  David grew up in Seattle, received his bachelor’s degree in industrial design from Western Washington University (WWU) and his MFA degree in designed objects from the school of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). His portfolio of work includes a variety of consumer products, sculptural experiments that explore methods of construction, and interactive electronic art.  Learn more at http://Davidhulldesign.comCollaborate! Seeking fabrication assistance and/or some help with coding Arduino Microcontrollers to achieve the best interaction with the object(s).   Contact Dave at davidhulldesign <at> gmail <dot> com
Popup Arcade Seth Vincent, Luke Swart, and Christina Montilla
Hidden throughout a garden are small, strange terminals. They’re making noise and lights are flashing. They seem to respond to your movement. They have buttons and if you press them strange things happen. There’s text on the screen. Is someone on the other side of this thing?
About the Popup Arcade Crew:  We research, design, organize, and document.  We build with Javascript, raspberry pi, & more.  Let’s make things together!  Learn more at,,
Collaborate!   Seeking painters, people wth experience with Node.js, microcontrollers, audio hardware.  Contact Seth at sethvincent <at> gmail <dot> com
Twilights Beanne HullSconces with painted shades that change when the light is turned on. About Beanne:  Beanne is a designer, teacher, artist and co-ordinator of art classes and group projects.  Learn more at
Collaborate!   Seeking new ways to combine low tech light diffusers (lamp shades!) with new technologies and energy efficient light sources.  Contact Beanne at beannehull <at> gmail <dot> com
The Sensor Mote Swarm with Shelly Farnham
A swarm of geometric, alien critters (“motes”) will respond in lighting and sound to your presence.  The swarm will have coordinated animation using bluetooth comunication between the swarm motes and a central microprocessor.
About Shelly:  Shelly is an artist and a technologist with a passion for interactive lighting and large scale collaborations.  Learn more at
Collaborate!  Seeking help brainstorming design of the motes, printing out mote design using 2D cutter, assembling the motes, some soldering. You can get in touch with Shelly at shelly <at> totallylegitllc <dot> com.
Pixel River Rocks Ben Flaster
River rocks as LED pixels will provide a visual plot of the current intensity of the river. The concept is multiple instances of a circuit, each instance being a mill wheel driving a motor. This motor will generate a voltage that, based on the speed of the wheel and size of the voltage, will cause an LED to illuminate in a specific color from blue to green to white.   This project was conceived at last years’ Electric Sky when people were playing in the river.
About Ben:  en is trained as a mechanical engineer, with a passion for sculptural installations both large and small, and is currently a member of several collaborative art groups including the Iron Monkeys and Recreational Light and Magic, a Totally Legit LLC.  After spending a decade in automotive LED lighting he is looking to apply his skill sets to make technically creative LED lamps.  Learn more at,
Collaborate! Seeking help with Cast molding, acrylics, waterproofing. . You can get in touch with Ben at flastron <at> gmail <dot> com
Bamboo Lanterns Lea Willingham
Inspired by a fictional, Asian, post apocalyptic world, combined with the the lighting used at the traditional Japanese bamboo festival, this project is is comprised of numerous uniquely designed and implemented, battery powered, LED lit lanterns. The lighting will be somewhat functional but the intention is aesthetic.
About Lea:  While photography is Lea’s main creative medium, she has a number of artistic outlets throughout her life; from drawing, writing, and photography to creating beautiful and functional artworks with metal. One of the driving forces behind her work is the desire to create items that have a useful minimalistic quality as well as pieces that have a timeless content.
Collaborate! Seeking new design ideas, woodworking experience, anyone interested in LEDs.  You can get in touch with Lea at masqueeste <at> gmail <dot> com
Kids are Such Pests Carey Christie, Wilder Christie, Jeff Larson, and Workshop PestsEver notice how adults are always telling kids to “go away,” or “be quiet”?  When you’re a kid, you just can’t help bugging everyone around you. Maybe because it’s fun!!! So, while the grown ups are building an art garden with light-up technology, we kids are going to create a bunch of garden pests that have never even existed before! Simple technologies like tiny recorders and LED lights in sculptures and costumes will be used to make the most fantastic kinds of insects you can possibly imagine. About Carey Christie & crew:  Carey Christie is a creative community catalyst, having spent the past thirteen years in Seattle building culture and community through event and film production, organizational consulting, volunteer management, and mentoring.  Jeffrey Larson is a Seattle-based designer, illustrator, and artist. He received a BFA in design from Michigan State University before transplanting to the Northwest.  See   He is also the lead artist/designer for the Luminous Garden design framework.
Collaborate! Seeking kids and adults who think like kids to join us in our pest making fun. You can get in touch with Carey Christie
Luminous Garden Design Framework Jeff Larson, Shelly Farnham, and their Recreational Light and Magic crew
Jeff, Shelly, and their Totally Legit art group are providing the basic design framework, infrastructure, and lighting (including the basic narrative, the path layout, the entry gate, and the interpretive placards), and then recruiting other individuals or art groups to take on specific aspects of the installation.   Their unique interactive technology contribution is the construction of the entry gate — a Portal — with responsive lighting and sound that fluctuate to indicate the entry and exit of participants, and the number of people who are inside the garden.
About Jeff, Shelly, and the crew:  Jeffrey Larson is a Seattle-based designer, illustrator, and artist. He received a BFA in design from Michigan State University before transplanting to the Northwest.  He is the lead artist/designer for the Luminous Garden design framework.  Shelly Farnham is an artist, technologist, and community organizer with a pronounce passion for interactive lighting in art.  She is the creative director for the luminous garden.  Their art group, Recreational Light and Magic, a Totally Legit LLC, are an interdisciplinary group of artists, technologists, designers, and builders who share a passion for art, technology, and culture.  Learn more at http://slowercase.com;
Collaborate! Seeking people to help create the portal, the interpretive signs, and the garden path. You can get in touch with Jeff at nasacar <at> gmail <dot> com, and shelly <at> totallylegitllc <dot> com

Workshops Confirmed: Wearable Arduinos, 2D Cutting, Kids as Pests

There’s a lot to learn at Electric Sky in our three confirms workshops!   Space is limited for two of the workshops, so be sure the register to save your spot!  In addition to the three workshops scheduled below, there’ll be a lot of impromptu learning moments in our creativity lab.

Friday, June 17th

  • Workshop: Introducing Wearable Arduinos and Controllable LEDs, 1pm-4pm, at the Creativity Lab.   Hosted by Shelly Farnham.
    Flora arduino, optimized for wearable projects

    Flora arduino, optimized for wearable projects

    Introducing wearable Arduinos and controllable LEDs – ideal for lightweight sculptural lighting, costumes, and jewelry.  Even if you don’t like to code, we will get you set up with the controllable lighting you want for your Electric Sky project.  This workshop requires registration by May 17th and includes a $40 materials fee, for this starter kit and other supplies.  You must bring a laptop.

Saturday, June 18th

  • Workshop:  The Joys of the 2D Cutter, 10:30am-12:00pm.  Hosted by Dave Hull, see An introduction to working with a 2D cutter (Sillohette Cameo desktop cutter) capable of cutting or drawing vector graphics on a variety of sheet materials. The workshop will include a look at Adobe Illustrator software for creating vector shapes, file setup, machine/material setup, and tips & tricks for making cool 2D designs!   This workshop requires registration by May 17th.  Bring your mac laptop if you have one.
  • 2dcutterWorkshop:   Kids Are Such Pests! (for kids), 3:30-5pm.  Hosted by Carey and Wilder Christie, and Jeff Larson.  Ever notice how adults are always telling kids to “go away,” or “be quiet”?  When you’re a kid, you just can’t help bugging everyone around you. Maybe because it’s fun!!! So, while the grown ups are building an art garden with light-up technology, we kids are going to create a bunch of garden pests that have never even existed before! At this workshop we’ll use simple technologies like tiny recorders and LED lights in sculptures and costumes of the most fantastic kinds of insects you can possibly imagine. Bring your favorite pictures of bugs and anything else that inspires you and be ready to make art and play games with the other pests.  Registration is not required, but encouraged.


Call to Artists and Tech Creatives for the Luminous Garden at Electric Sky Now Open

We are actively seeking artists and tech creatives to collaborate with us to create our Luminous Garden, at Electric Sky!  We will be creating an otherworldly garden biosphere, one with luminous flora and fauna and interactive kinetic sculptures.

Luminous Garden Layout Mockup

Luminous Garden Layout Mockup

Our basic framework is to provide an overarching experiential design theme “taking a walk in an otherworldly garden arboretum”, and then recruit other artists, technologists, scientists, and designers (that’s you!) to take on aspects of that theme, playing with technologically infused, interactive and self-illuminated organic objects or sculptural garden elements.

If this sounds fun to you, think about what you would like to create as a part of our garden! Gazebos, insects, shrubs, trees, flowers, fencing, alien animals, interpretive sculptures…you name it, we are open to your ideas, and thanks to a grant from 4Culture can provide some support in the form of a free ticket to Electric Sky and micro-grants to help cover material costs.

Learn more about the Luminous Garden here, and how to apply for support as a participating collaborator here.  Deadline for application to receive support is Monday April 25th at midnight.

4Culture Tech Specific Grant

We are very excited to be the recipients of one of the 4Culture Tech Specific grants, to be used for an experimental “hypercollaboration”, called the Luminous Garden!  Learn more about the Tech Specific program here.

Luminous Garden Layout Mockup

Luminous Garden Layout Mockup

To give you some background, our art group, Recreational Light and Magic (a.k.a. “Totally Legit” as a subsidiary of Totally Legit, LLC), is an interdisciplinary group of artists, technologists, designers, and builders who share a passion for art, technology, and culture. We have created installations ranging from interactive sound and lighting experiences to giant pinball machines, incorporating futuristic themes that challenge traditional artistic boundaries by treating everything as a creative medium. We love lasers, painting, arduinos, culture hacking, totally controlled lighting, giant metal, Kinects, pinball, robots and events.

In collaboration with the nonprofit community tech organization Third Place Technologies (also founded by Shelly Farnham), in June of 2015 we hosted our first Electric Sky.

Over seventy people attended, an unusual mix of Seattlites and Skykomish locals, with about 1/3rd of the attendees being under 18 years of age. We had a 24 hour Creativity Lab, which was a madhouse of electronics, laptops, Arduinos, LEDS, lasers, and 3D printers, mixed with a more traditional array of art supplies. The weather was extremely hot, so people were interspersing time spent on art and tech projects with relaxing moments lounging by the river or roasting marshmellows at the group campfire. To facilitate team formation and community building we started the event with a round of introductions and project pitches, had one large group meal, and finished the event with a show-and-tell guided tour around the finished projects displayed in the ball park.

The event was a resounding success, to the extent Mayor Grider of the Town of Skykomish is endorsing our coming back next year as an officially town sponsored event (assuring preferential treatment in securing reserving the park, etc.).

Although the event was a success, for June of 2016 we wish to double in size and push upon our goal of facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration by framing the creativity lab activities around a hyper-collaboration: an immersive group installation “The Luminous Garden”. We seek to expand people’s conceptions of what it means to do art installations in group shows, which are usually experienced as collections of individual contributions, rather than as one larger collaboration. We also seek to break the boundaries between the artist, the art installation, and the observer by providing an immersive experience — one that really provides the participants with the feeling of being transported into an otherworldly garden biosphere, one with luminous flora and fauna and interactive kinetic sculptures.

Thanks 4Culture for showing your support for this experimental project!

Electric Sky Mad Fun, Thanks and Wrap Up

It was an amazing event, thanks so much to the 70+ people who joined the fun at Electric Sky!  Our creativity lab was a madhouse of electronics, laptops, arduinos, LEDs, lasers, 3D printers, etc., mixed in with the more traditional array of arts & crafts supplies.   The weather was beautiful and extremely hot, so folks were excited to intersperse their art & tech “projecting” with relaxing moments splashing around in the river, and people were working into the wee hours of the morning in the creativity lab.

As a community event it would not have been possible without everyone’s help, including set up, take down, the workshop organizers, the logo and web design, the group meal, clean up, etc..– so thanks so much to everyone, including the Town of Skykomish for letting us use their beautiful ball park, and the Totally Legit art group for letting us use their electronics/crafts supplies!

  • Josh and Chris’ 3D printer workshop generated a lot of interest — for those interested Josh posted his notes in our public Facebook page, find them here.
  • Shelly’s full set of photos are posted in an Electric Sky private Facebook group (since there were many kids at the event) ask to join and check them out here.
  • Jose Sack posted some great photos here.
  • Be sure to check out Katerina’s “Exostesis” video.
  • On the whole, people really enjoyed the experience so we will definitely do it again next year!

Mobile Water Printer coming to Electric Sky

Chris D’Annunzio, one of our 3D printer workshop organizers, will be bringing his mobile water printer to Electric Sky, so we can write messages on the road while driving around the ball park! Mobile, as in on a car… he sent a few pics of the project in action:waterprinter2