Granted Participants

Through the generosity of 4Culture, Third Place Technologies is providing grants to support participating artists and technologists using AR, XR, electronics, sensors, interactivity, solar technologies, and self-illumination to craft installations and workshops that resonate with our theme exploring renewable energies.

Our 2024 art+tech+workshop contributors include Alexandra Krongel, Andrew Cole, Katrina Romero, TYPONEXUS, Church of the Black Hole, Ana Davidson, Bruce Cooper, jeff brice, Genevieve Tremblay, Falona Joy and Shelly D. Farnham, Ph.D.

We are incredibly excited, it’s going to be fantastic year!

THIRD PLACE TECHNOLOGIES extends our thanks to our program partners and supporters: 4Culture, Town of Skykomish, hashtag#RenewablesforArtists hashtag#TotallyLegit, hashtag#SkyArtworks

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