Workshops for 2021

For those of you familiar with hackathons, we have a few workshops and projects at Electric Sky this year that are going to be right up your alley!

Make Your Own Fortune Teller Friday, July 30th 8:30pm – 10:30pm

Fortune Teller

You and/or your team will build a fortune-telling arcade machine with your unique charm! We will provide a free kit with basic electronic ingredients so you can display messages (LCD screen + arduino), accept coins, and press buttons! You bring a box, suitcase, or whatever to contain your magic device. Show off your project in our group show on Saturday. Learn more here! Hosted by Josh Lind. There are only 8 kits available, so email Josh at to save your spot.

Futbol Player Bot

Robot Futbol League — Python Code Competition! All day project, Fri Jul 29 – Sat July 30

We provide the autonomous robots, the ball, and the arena for 1 vs 1 football — you provide the code! Take our basic code for guiding the robots to play the game, and add your own algorithms for improved game performance. The best code wins! Learn more and see starter code here: Hosted by Bee Wilkerson

Robot Futbol Play Arena
Virtual Painting using Tiltbrush

Painting in Virtual Reality, Saturday, July 31st, 10am – noon

In this workshop we will first provide a demo of 3D/virtual painting in Tiltbrush (using Oculus).  You will then complete a general tutorial for using Oculus 2, and then have the opportunity to experiment with the VR painting tools in a collaborative virtual space.  After the workshop, you can sign up for more extended time in the TiltBrush studio space. Hosted by Genevieve Tremblay.

Make your Own ZZZ Operation Man Game (Kid friendly) — Saturday July 31st, noon – 1:30pm

DIY “Operation Man” Dog

In this workshop you’ll draw your own image such as a dog, robot, or fairy, and then wire up tweezers, an LED and a buzzer just like the Operation Man game. This project is a good start for learning about electronic circuits, ideal for 10-16 year olds, or adults who want to play. Hosted by Shelly Farnham. Email to reserve your spot, otherwise it is first come first serve.

We are GAME ON for 2021

After a year long delay due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and waiting with bated breath for enough people to get vaccinated, we are GAME ON For 2021! After a year stuck inside, come ready to play….!

What about masks and social distancing? If you are not vaccinated — well, get vaccinated. Otherwise, yes, if you are not vaccinated, or spend a lot of time with unvaccinated people, masks and social distancing are required until further notice.


We have pushed this event to the end of August hoping King County will be in at least Phase 3, which allows for events up to 50 people.

Anticipating we may be in only Phase 3, we are planning for a smaller version of this event this year, capping attendance at 50 people.

Since the event is outdoors we do not anticipate it will be difficult to maintain social distancing across camps. The lab, workshops and group meal will be modified as needed to assure people may safely participate in compliance with King County’s recommendations for the current phase.

If we are not in at least Phase 3, the event will be cancelled. In this case all tickets will be reimbursed. We will work with a venue to host a winter version of the show, so you may still show off your amazing projects.

Stay safe!

2021 Theme: Game On!

After a year long delay due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Electric Sky 2021 is GAME ON!

Our collaborative installations, workshops, and art show will be oriented around the theme “Game On!”. We will explore the art and tech of games, with everything that goes into playful interactivity, ranging from the buttons, switches, and buzzers of electro-mechanical machines, to the 3D art of immersive reality.

How it Works

For our group installations, we provide a basic framework around the theme, and then recruit artists, technologists, scientists, and designers to take on aspects of that theme, playing with technologically-infused, sensing, interactive and self-illuminated sculptural elements.

In the style of hackathons, you may bring your own piece to work on, you may join other emergent collaborations, or you may just show up to enjoy the show.

Participating artists and technology creatives may include light, sound, video, performance, landscaping, architectural elements, in addition to visual art, however all projects should incorporate an electronic, sensing, interactive, or self-illuminated component.

Apply for a Microgrant or Free Tickets

If you are excited by the idea of creating an individual or collaborative project around our theme “Game On!” but do not have the funds for tickets or material supplies, we invite you to apply to be a supported participating artist or creative technologist, to receive funds up to $500 and free tickets to support your project. Learn more about our requirements and find instructions to apply here.  Application date is Friday, July 9th, 2021.

These microgrants are made possible through a grant by 4Culture.

Photos from 2019: BioZoom!


We had a great turn out for our workshops, including “Solar Powered LEDs for Art in Trees”, “ASKXXI Digital Field-based Methods in Botanical Illustration“, and “Nature Kaleidoscope Making”. Thanks so much for our Workshop hosts for organizing these learning opportunities!

Creativity Lab / Hackathon

As always, the lab and the surrounding picnic benches were filled with creative efforts as people geared up to our group show!

Group Art Show

Our group show had a compelling mix of art around our “BioZoom” theme — focusing in or telescoping out into the magic of nature.

Camping and Socializing

Of course, people were also there to have fun camping with friends in the beautiful Skykomish Ballpark in the Cascade Mountains.

Announcing our 2018 Theme: The Digital Frontier

Each year, we orient our collaborative projects around a theme.  This year, that theme is “The Digital Frontier”,  celebrating the pioneering spirit of those who push the bounds of possibility by innovating on the frontier of technology.

Our basic framework is to provide an overarching design theme “Explore recurring historical themes of human progress on the frontiers of innovation, layering the past with the future”, and then recruit artists, technologists, scientists, and designers to take on aspects of that theme, playing with technologically-infused, sensing, interactive and self-illuminated sculptural elements.

As a central orienting piece for the larger group collaboration, we will create three to-scale facades of historic frontier buildings similar to those in the town of Skyomish, with a boardwalk animated by controllable LEDS and the facade surfaces animated with projected videos of life-sized “ghosts” of pioneering figures. The goal is to create the experience of walking on the boardwalk with these historical figures in a “digital frontier” – where the audience participant becomes a part of the community of innovators along the walk. Please see concept design.

In the past two years our group projects focused on leveraging technology as a creative medium to create life-like interactivity embedded in nature. In brainstorming for 2018, we decided to engage more with the history of Skykomish as a frontier town, and turn our attention to the transformative impact humans have on nature as they expand new frontiers through technology. We seek to layer new creative technologies for innovation such as controllable LEDs, laser cutters, and projection mapping, over turn of the century technologies such as trains and telegraphs, to evoke an awareness and interest in the recurring historical themes of human progress on the frontier. We further seek to celebrate the intrepid spirit of pioneers who have created new territories for exploration and human progress in the Pacific Northwest over the past century, and will continue to do so in years to come.

Luminous Garden V2 Winter

[crossposted on] Our Luminous Garden project was so popular this summer we adapted the group installation to be an indoor show, displayed the winter of 2016/2017 at the Vermillion Art Gallery and Bar, and in the Skykomish Maloney Store.  The theme was “taking a walk in an otherworldly garden”.  At the Maloney Store, we had a pop-up maker lab in the back of the show, so we could continually add new pieces to the show over the course of the month.

Mentioned by the Seattle Times
More photos on flickr
Time Lapse Video

Participating Artists and Technology Creatives

Andy Tomacelli :: Beanne Hull :: Bee Wilkerson :: Ben Flaster :: Betsy Morris :: Brad Traynoff  :: Bryan Ressler ::  Chis D’Annunzio :: David Hull :: Greg Larson :: Jeff Larson  :: Josh Lind :: Lea Willingham :: Marz :: Nicole Kistler :: Sarah Lavin :: Shelly Farnham

This show is an evolving, large-scale collaborative installation that originally emerged from Electric Sky 2016.


We were very excited to be able to bring the Luminous Garden for a one month show back to the town of Skykomish in the historic Maloney Store.  It was a great way to engage with the locals who weren’t able to check it out this summer or while it was in Seattle.  We even had the local school students visit for an impromptu workshop.

Thanks very much to the town of Skykomish for letting us have the show in the Maloney Store!