Fantastic event!

Note from Shelly Farnham, our event producer, to event attendees in the Facebook  on June 20:

FANTASTIC everyone I cannot thank you all enough. Despite the rain I left the event feeling it really couldn’t have gone better. I think, while the rain scared a few folks off, for those who stayed we probably were even more focused on our projects. The garden looked sooo beautiful! And the interpretive signs had just the right touch of humor. Thanks so much to everyone for really pulling it together!

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Adding Workshop: Crash Course in Cartooning

We are excited to announce that Jeremy Kayes will be hosting a workshop on Saturday, from 1-2pm.  Jeremy is both a web developer and a cartoonist, and has taught cartooning to designers and developers as a tool for story boarding their projects.  Come to the workshop and learn how cartooning can improve your life!

Workshop:  Cartooning Crash Course, 1pm-2pm.  Hosted by Jeremy Kayes.  A little bit of drawing skill can go a long way, no matter what you’re working on. If you can’t draw or can only draw stick figures, this workshop will ramp up your skill and confidence for getting your ideas down on paper.


Jeremy Kayes is the author of the graphic novel ‘The Indies’ and host of the comic artist club ‘Sicaga.’ He makes a living developing software and teaching engineers and researchers at UW how to use comics to illustrate their research.​ Learn more at  Registration is not required.