Workshop: Augmented Environments

Make augmented reality objects

Saturday, June 22, 1:00am-2:30pm
hosted by Jeff Brice

In this beginner workshop, Digital artist Jeff Brice will introduce the processes of making image-triggered augmented reality objects and environments. Using free smartphone AR creation and viewing apps, participants will create augmented reality experiences of the local environment. Lidar scanning will be introduced in order to scan objects and environments. Viewers will be able to experience the augmented objects and environments using their own smartphones and tablets.

The workshop will start out with a lecture and demonstration on what augmented reality is and how it works. Technological vocabulary and concepts will be introduced. 3D scanning objects and environments using free smartphone apps will be demonstrated. Participants will be
empowered to document their environment using state of the art technologies.

Fun for participants of all ages, this workshop will expand creative practices for everyone. A color printer will be available to print the images in order to trigger the AR experiences.


Jeff Brice is a seattle-based digital artist and educator. He teaches technology based courses at Cornish College of the Arts. See, @jeff.brice

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