Workshop: Soldering 101

Learn to Solder!

Friday, June 21, 8:30pm-9:30pm
hosted by Andrew Cole

Beginners: come to this workshop to learn the basics of soldering while you assemble a light-up LED thingy to take with you.

The workshop will take place in our makerspace lab. We will have several (3-6) stations set up with soldering irons, work holders, and lights. We have seating for about 10. The workshop will begin with a description of what soldering is and the theory behind it. The instructor, Andrew Cole, will discuss safety and demonstrate good and bad solder joints. Students will then be invited to try soldering rows of header pins on a protoboard to get some practice and feedback. When a student is reasonably confident, they can move on to assembling a provided kit which will result in a small (1″-ish) blinky LED pendant/keychain/pin.

Andrew Cole is a multidisciplinary engineer and tech artist with extensive experience making interactive, kinetic, sound and lighting projects. Andrew is a veteran of Electric Sky and a member of the art group Totally Legit. He has a BS in engineering from Harvey Mudd College. Learn more at:

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