Get Support for Your Digital Frontier Project! Call for Participation 2018

For Electric Sky 2018,  our collaborative installation will be oriented around the theme “The Digital Frontier”,  celebrating the pioneering spirit of those who push the bounds of possibility by innovating on the frontier of technology.

For this group installation, our basic framework is to provide an overarching design theme “Explore recurring historical themes of human progress on the frontiers of innovation, layering the past with the future”, and then recruit artists, technologists, scientists, and designers to take on aspects of that theme, playing with technologically-infused, sensing, interactive and self-illuminated sculptural elements.  Learn more about the Digital Frontier here.

Call for Participation — Apply for a Microgrant!

If you are excited by the idea of creating an individual or collaborative project around our theme “the Digital Frontier” we invite you to apply to be a supported participating artist or creative technologist, to receive free tickets and funds to support your project. Participating artists and technology creatives may include visual art, sound, video, performance, landscaping, architectural elements, and so forth, however all projects should incorporate an electronic or interactive component consistent with the theme.   Learn more about our requirements and find instructions to apply here.  Application date is April 30th, 2018.

Please note that Electric Sky is designed as a cross between a hackathon and an artists’ retreat, so it is a great place to incubate new work in our Creativity Lab, with the help and expertise of fellow artists and creative technologists.  We strongly encourage you to participate whether or not you apply for a grant.  This is the place to explore very experimental projects that you are still figuring out.