Electric Sky 2024: SUN WIND WATER would not be possible without the partnership, support, and sponsorship of the following organizations. Thanks again! It takes a community to raise a community.

Organizing Partners

Third Place Technologies is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides spaces and events to foster interdisciplinary collaboration, community, and life-long learning for artists, creative technologists, and civic activists, including Sky Artworks in Skykomish.

Totally Legit LLC. Our partnering art group Totally Legit provides extensive creative, material and volunteer support.


4Culture. Our participant art grants and workshops are largely made possible through the generosity of 4Culture — thanks 4Cuture for all your support over the years!

Town of Skykomish. We thank the Town of Skykomish for supporting Electric Sky with a generous reduction in the rental cost of the Skykomish Ballpark.

We thank ArtsFund for their unrestricted Community Accelerator Grant in 2023 that supported several projects of Third Place Technologies in 2023 and 2024, including Sky Artworks, Seattle: City of the Future, and Electric Sky.

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