2023 Theme: Circuit Tree

Each year we orient our collaborative installations, workshops, and art show around a theme. We are pleased to announce for 2023 our theme is Circuit Tree.

Circuit Tree AI image generated by MidJourney

We ask artists and tech creatives to dive deep into the nature of interconnected circuits in nature, electronics, and people. What is circuitry? The system by which energy or electricity circulates – whether in neurons, circuit boards, or trees! Through our arsenal of new art and tech mediums and tools, we will reimagine the movement of energy and information in interconnected ecosystems.

How it Works

For our group installations, we provide a basic framework around the theme, and then recruit artists, technologists, scientists, and designers to take on aspects of that theme, playing with technologically-infused, sensing, interactive and self-illuminated elements.

In the style of hackathons, you may bring your own piece to work on, you may join other emergent collaborations, or you may just show up to enjoy the show. Projects are shared during our Saturday night art show and party.

Electric Mushrooms by Briar Bates

Participating artists and technology creatives may include light, sound, video, performance, landscaping, architectural elements, in addition to visual art, however we encourage all projects incorporate an electronic, sensing, interactive, or self-illuminated component, to be seen at night.