Workshops Confirmed: Wearable Arduinos, 2D Cutting, Kids as Pests

There’s a lot to learn at Electric Sky in our three confirms workshops!   Space is limited for two of the workshops, so be sure the register to save your spot!  In addition to the three workshops scheduled below, there’ll be a lot of impromptu learning moments in our creativity lab.

Friday, June 17th

  • Workshop: Introducing Wearable Arduinos and Controllable LEDs, 1pm-4pm, at the Creativity Lab.   Hosted by Shelly Farnham.
    Flora arduino, optimized for wearable projects

    Flora arduino, optimized for wearable projects

    Introducing wearable Arduinos and controllable LEDs – ideal for lightweight sculptural lighting, costumes, and jewelry.  Even if you don’t like to code, we will get you set up with the controllable lighting you want for your Electric Sky project.  This workshop requires registration by May 17th and includes a $40 materials fee, for this starter kit and other supplies.  You must bring a laptop.

Saturday, June 18th

  • Workshop:  The Joys of the 2D Cutter, 10:30am-12:00pm.  Hosted by Dave Hull, see An introduction to working with a 2D cutter (Sillohette Cameo desktop cutter) capable of cutting or drawing vector graphics on a variety of sheet materials. The workshop will include a look at Adobe Illustrator software for creating vector shapes, file setup, machine/material setup, and tips & tricks for making cool 2D designs!   This workshop requires registration by May 17th.  Bring your mac laptop if you have one.
  • 2dcutterWorkshop:   Kids Are Such Pests! (for kids), 3:30-5pm.  Hosted by Carey and Wilder Christie, and Jeff Larson.  Ever notice how adults are always telling kids to “go away,” or “be quiet”?  When you’re a kid, you just can’t help bugging everyone around you. Maybe because it’s fun!!! So, while the grown ups are building an art garden with light-up technology, we kids are going to create a bunch of garden pests that have never even existed before! At this workshop we’ll use simple technologies like tiny recorders and LED lights in sculptures and costumes of the most fantastic kinds of insects you can possibly imagine. Bring your favorite pictures of bugs and anything else that inspires you and be ready to make art and play games with the other pests.  Registration is not required, but encouraged.


For the kids: Fairy Wands and Wizard Sticks

On Saturday afternoon we’ll be introducing some of the younger kids to the joys of LEDs by having them make fairy wands or wizard sticks out of an RGB LED and a switch (to change colors) attached to a stick, which they can then decorate. Once made they’ll be able to run around at dusk making light patterns in the air.  This workshop will probably be held on Saturday afternoon, 4-5:30.

Here’s one on Instructables for inspiration:

Fairy Staff