What is it like to go to Electric Sky? As they say, a photo is akin to a thousand words. Below are some of our favorite photos from over seven years of Electric Sky, from our group art shows, our pop-up maker space, workshops, and camping fun!

Group Art Shows

Each year we have group art show around a theme. We strongly encourage art and tech collaboration, and some amazing projects have emerged!

Pop-up Maker Space and Collaboration

We set up a 24-hour pop-up maker lab in the park with basic supplies, where you can make projects from scratch, finish projects, or help others. Much like a hackathon, many new collaborations emerge as people with different skills are recruited to help each other. Collaboration is often the best way to learn something new, and make innovative magic happen!


Each year we host a few workshops focusing on skills that will be particularly relevant to the theme that year. This is your opportunity to learn something new in an informal, friendly setting with hands-on support.

Camping and Socializing with Friends

This is a community-oriented, family-friendly event. Sometimes, you just want to run around in the park, cool off in the river, or roast marshmellows in camp fire.

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