Workshop: Playing with Wind

Make an LED Pinwheel or a Mini Wind Turbine

Saturday, June 22, 10:00am-11:30am
hosted by Shelly Farnham

In this workshop you will create a pinwheel that powers an LED using the power of wind. This workshop is designed for all ages, with tasks ranging from drawing a design on a pinwheel template, to assembling the pinwheel and attaching an LED, to incorporating a motor that then lights the LED based on spinning in the wind. You will both learn about wind turbines in miniature form and create something cool.

Pinwheel supplies and/or mini turbine kits will be provided.

Shelly Farnham is an artist, technologist, and community organizer. As an artist she is both a painter and a light artist, obsessed with all things LED. She particularly enjoys creating outdoor light art installations as a part of her collaborative art group, Totally Legit LLC. Shelly is also currently the President of Third Place Technologies, with a mission to foster life-long learning and community development for practitioners at the intersection of art and technology. See for her personal portfolio.

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