Photos from 2019: BioZoom!


We had a great turn out for our workshops, including “Solar Powered LEDs for Art in Trees”, “ASKXXI Digital Field-based Methods in Botanical Illustration“, and “Nature Kaleidoscope Making”. Thanks so much for our Workshop hosts for organizing these learning opportunities!

Creativity Lab / Hackathon

As always, the lab and the surrounding picnic benches were filled with creative efforts as people geared up to our group show!

Group Art Show

Our group show had a compelling mix of art around our “BioZoom” theme — focusing in or telescoping out into the magic of nature.

Camping and Socializing

Of course, people were also there to have fun camping with friends in the beautiful Skykomish Ballpark in the Cascade Mountains.

Confirmed Electric Sky 2019 Date and Theme: BioZoom on July 25-28

We are happy to confirm our 2019 Electric Sky will be Thu-Sun, July 25-28th, and our collaborative installations will be oriented around the theme “Bio Zoom”. It will be a year of art, tech and science, and we invite you to explore how changing perspectives –whether through a microscope or a telescope — exposes the beautiful, abstract, often fractal, repeating patterns of the universe.

Learn more about the theme and how you can join the collaborations

Apply for support in the form of free tickets or budget to cover costs, deadline April 30th 2019

Register to save your camping spot! Note no registration required for day visitors.