2017 Call for Participation

If you are excited by the idea of creating an individual or collaborative project around our theme the Wondering Woods, we invite you to apply to be a supported participating artist or creative technologist, to receive free tickets and funds to support your project. Participating artists and technology creatives may include visual art, sound, video, performance, landscaping, architectural elements, and so forth, however all projects should incorporate an electronic or interactive component consistent with the theme.

2017 Schedule

  • March and April: Recruiting and calls for participation.
  • May 1st, midnight: Application Form deadline (form link below).
  • May 8th: Notifications of supported participation sent.
  • Mid April: Optional working with sensors workshop.
  • Late April – June: Brainstorming, planning, and any required pre-event work parties.
  • June 8th-11th at Electric Sky:  On-site collaboration in the Electric Sky Creativity Lab.
  • Saturday June 10th:  Wondering Woods installations completed, followed by opening night party.
  • Sunday June 11th:  Takedown.

Why Apply as a Supported Collaborator

Any Electric Sky attendee may contribute to the Wondering Woods group installation, whether or not they receive support (please email Shelly Farnham directly with your ideas or to ask how to help, shelly at totallylegitllc dot com).  Supported participants will be provided with free tickets to Electric Sky and small micro-grants (approximately $200-$1000) to help support costs of implementing their aspect of the collaboration.  If you would like to join our collaboration and seek free tickets or support in material project costs, please complete our application form by May 1st at midnight.


If you wish to participate as a supported collaborator in the Wondering Woods collaboration, please complete and send the attached form by May 1st 2017.  Thanks to the generosity of a 4Culture tech-specific art grant, supported collaborators will receive a free ticket to Electric Sky, and will be assigned a portion of our overall project budget in the form a micro-grant to cover material costs.  You will be able to keep any materials purchased by your approved project budget after the event.


  1. First, be sure to read our description of the Wondering Woods and our basic design framework.
  2. Write a response to each of the questions in the attached form below.
  3. Send as an email to shelly@totallylegitllc.com with the subject Wondering Woods Application for Supported Participation. You may paste your responses directly into your email or attach and send as a word document.
  4. Send by Monday, May 1st at midnight.



Requirements and expectations for supported participation:

  • 18 years of age or older.
  • Participate with an open spirit of collaboration, seeking to contribute your own special skills and interests, while also taking advantage of the skills and interests of other collaborators — all with patience and good humor.
  • Participate in at least two Wondering Woods brainstorming and planning meetings prior to the Electric Sky event (schedule to be determined based on participants’ availability).
  • Attend the Electric Sky Art and Tech Retreat in Skykomish Washington from Friday June 2nd – Sunday June 11th.  You may arrive as early as Thursday, but please be there by Friday evening in time for our first organizing group meeting.
  • At  the minimum set up and take down your contribution to the Wondering group collaboration, but also help/collaborate with others.
  • Submit receipts to be reimbursed for your approved project budget, or coordinate with Shelly Farnham (the creative director) to have materials purchased for you at shelly at totallylegitllc.com.

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